Our integration of healthcare and intelligent technology heightens our clients’ abilities and potential. With Klincis, “quality of care” isn’t just a sound bite; it’s a promise we let you keep to your patients and institution.

Our passion for patient-centered care permeates our services and makes improving outcomes effortless. With Klincis, your “outcomes” are proof of our impact.

Resource utilization is streamlined and optimized with our clear insight into the big picture. With Klincis, your clinical and economic “bottom line” is our priority.

Klin•cis: noun — \ klin-sis \

According to William S. Haubrich in Medical Meanings: A Glossary of Word Origins, the Greek “klinē” is a couch or bed, and late Latin writers used “clinicus” to refer to medical instruction given at the bedside. The Latin meaning of “cis” is “on the near side of.”

Klincis assists organizations in realizing their desired state with respect to process, performance, and technology with the help of data. We provide change management consulting and technology enablement. Our secure, cloud-based decision-support applications help shape best practices.

In other words, Klincis helps you optimize patient care while protecting your bottom line through technology-enabled decision-making assistance at the point of care. The medical industry is evolving to digital medicine—the merger of information technology, biomedicine, and wireless applications. Klincis is at the forefront of that evolution. Our products, change management solutions, and dashboards optimize patient and resource management and therefore improve quality of care, standardize practice, and save institutions money. Today more than ever healthcare institutions must be cognizant of the repercussions that are caused by the extraneous use of resources, both clinically and financially. The ways in which patients are cared for and supplies are consumed have enormous ramifications for the health of the system itself. Klincis helps institutions stay healthy.

Klincis is made up of individuals from many walks of life; we have genuine interest and deep feelings about what we do. We care about people—the patients, the clinical experts, and the administrators who run the healthcare institutions. Klincis creates products that care for them all…

Klincis, Improved Care Through Enhanced Clinical Decisions

"There is science in what (physicians) do, yes, but also habit, intuition, and sometimes plain old guessing. The gap between what we know and what we aim for persists. And this gap complicates everything we do."

Atul Gawande, MD

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity."



Hēm•cis: noun — \ hēm-sis \

Our flagship application, Hēmcis, is a clinical protocol-based, secure decision support cloud application that helps shape clinical best practices in the field of blood transfusions.

Blood products are scarce and expensive, and expose patients to potential complications. Administering 1 unit of packed red blood cells costs ~$1,000; with an estimated 20%-50% of blood transfusions administered in excess, this can add up to ~12,000 units/hospital/year. In addition, the cost of blood is not reimbursable to the hospital, and there is a lack of full Medicare reimbursement for transfusions (usually only between 10% and 20%). Indeed, eliminating excess waste alone could save a hospital system ~$12 million.

With Hēmcis, we connect the dots—lack of reimbursement, hospital payments, excess transfusions—and get you clinical and economic results so you can concentrate on patient care.

Introducing Hemcis, A transfusion Decision Support System

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In a healthcare environment of ever-changing priorities, increased expectations, and decreased resources, our 1-2-3 punch of performance management, technology solutions, and business insights brings the infusion of technology onto the scene to overcome such obstacles. Our solutions allow for more time at the bedside, increased patient care, and optimized use of available resources. Klincis simplifies an institution’s processes so that providers have more time with their patients and use available tools more cost-effectively. And that’s the bottom line.



• Enable organization-wide self-assessment • Identify revenue springs and revenue leaks • Evaluate priorities in view of market, financial, operational, compliance, technical, and human angles • Partner with us to learn about your business data • Improve business architecture and processes • Quality assurance: the planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled



• Innovate with us to foster new technology initiatives • Navigate the maze of available technical solutions • Improve technical architecture for enterprise solutions • Test technical initiatives with pilot projects • Develop programs that use technology for better quality and outcomes while reducing costs • Manage technical projects • Implement defined projects



• Learn which practices can be modeled by the organization • Identify processes that are bottlenecks • Define and track correct metrics • Model workflow per validated best practices • Evaluate performance of personnel • Train individuals to optimize practices • Change behavior with effective policy and protocol implementation • Explore your data through disruptive data visualization • Quality control


Our team believes that Klincis’ solutions have a positive impact on a healthcare institution’s clinical outcome profile and financial bottom line. We recognize the importance of focusing on quality of care, patient health, and reining in costs—three fundamental issues in today’s healthcare environment. Our vast clinical, technological, and educational experience enables us to help our customers achieve these goals. Our complementary skills and knowledge allow us to form a unique relationship with our customers, allowing them to offer their patients and partners a safe, cost-effective, and collaborative experience.

Om Vadlapatla is the founder and CEO of Klincis. He has spent more than a decade working in the areas of development, technology, and business strategy consulting with numerous organizations to improve technology systems and optimize businesses. Om has experience in verticals as diverse as healthcare, telecommunications, IT, multimedia content development, and semiconductors and he is passionate about bridging the gap between technology processes and business process improvement. Om has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Wright State University in Ohio and received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering from Bangalore University, India. He has conducted academic research at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, where he studied evolutionary algorithms for optimizing costs in electrical distribution and transmission systems and developed other algorithms for real-time process management.

Siddhartha Mitra is the lead programmer and software architect for Klincis. With more than 20 years of experience in web development and database intensive programming, Sid has recently been focusing on the analysis of large-scale biological data sets, such as EEGs. He holds a Master’s degree in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India, as well as a Master’s in Medical Informatics from Oregon Health Sciences Institute, Portland.

Sowmya Josyula, MD, MPH, is a Clinical Research Scientist with a primary focus in public health. She is interested in both the development of preventive medicine and the application of information systems to solve medical problems. Prior to joining the company, Dr Josyula earned her MPH degree from New York University and her MD from Gandhi Medical College in India.

Nancy Salerno is a healthcare marketer and medical writer with vast experience in the medical education, communication, and publishing fields. She has worked with physician experts and allied healthcare practitioners to develop clinical educational curricula. Her background includes editorial process management; project management; broad experience in multiple therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, mental health, Alzheimer’s, thrombosis, infectious disease, pulmonary, oncology; curriculum planning; program design; grant writing; and extensive work with key opinion leaders. She also has vast digital and social media content development experience.

ADVISOR: Steven Davidson, MD, a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, is a pioneer in the development and adoption of technology and new media in the healthcare industry. Dr Davidson founded and nurtured an informatics and technology consultation practice serving medical device vendors. He is recognized as a leader in health information technology and related applications that improve clinician performance while managing their workload. He founded EMedConcepts to assist clients by fusing the passion of a clinical leader for his patients with a business perspective on system design, strategy, operations, and financial performance.

"We need approaches to the solutions that aren’t just arithmetic and additive, but are in some sense logarithmic. This will require us to reach across historic boundaries and unlock the potential of collaboration across the usual disciplines."

Jeffrey S. Flier, MD, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Harvard University

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